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    • The Antibacterial House Spray can be used safely all around the house to help keep the cold and flu bugs at bay. Infused with natural anti –viral and antibacterial properties.
      And on top it leaves a very nice, refreshing smell without any artificial  byproducts like commercial room refreshers.


    • Do you suffer from anxiety? This calming and relaxing blend of essential oils can potentially alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and enhance mood, without the side effects of anti-anxiety medications.


    • Infused, wild-crafted arnica flower oil.
      Arnica Oil is reputed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

      Common Uses:
      Recommended for sprains, bruises, muscle and joint pain, edema due to fracture, arthritis, insect bites.

      The active properties in Arnica may reduce swelling and decrease pain. The Arnica flowers of the best quality were personally wild-crafted by me and used to create a highly potent Arnica oil. This oil is 100% natural and also works great on bumps and bruises!


    • Want to keep cold and flu bugs at bay? This blend of essential oils is specifically formulated to aid in the support of the immune system.


    • A grounding, warm and comforting scent in a liquid perfume formulation which supports you to stay centered.


    • For oily to normal skin. Purple grapefruit is a cleansing and revitalizing soap for all over body and face care with toning and astringent properties.


      Our Soaps are made with high quality natural ingredients, which makes for a Long Lasting Soap, with no toxic chemicals, artificial colors or scents, parabens or sulfates, and no animal by-products.


    • Don’t worry be Happy! Happy is a fresh, vibrant scent in a liquid perfume formulation to help transport you to your happy place.


    • Do you suffer from painful headaches? Many of our clients tell us that this specialty blend of essential oils brings them quick, lasting relief, without the side effects of medication.