Room & Body Sprays

Beautiful aromatising sprays for verious purposes.
All sprays contain distilled water, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin and 100% pure essential oils. Use caution with all essential oils keep out of reach of children, not recommended for use during pregnancy (with the exception of the Lavender Spray in small doses). Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes and never take internally.

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    • The Antibacterial House Spray can be used safely all around the house to help keep the cold and flu bugs at bay. Infused with natural anti –viral and antibacterial properties.
      And on top it leaves a very nice, refreshing smell without any artificial  byproducts like commercial room refreshers.


    • Monsters under the bed??? ;-) The soothing fragrance of the Lavender Monster Spray blend will help your child feel reassured and comforted for a good nights sleep.
      Not to mention the calming properties of lavender for mom and dad.

      Simply spray on pillows, on the bed and around the room.


    • A lovely refreshing scent very suitable for eliminating odors in the  bathroom and around the house.


    • An exceptionally calming and relaxing spray, to help soothe mind and body after a stressful day. Spray around house, in the bedroom and on bedding. Very beneficial for children!


    • Great Spray to re-freshen yoga mat and/or any other “sport” equipment.
      Shake well. Spray on yoga mat and/or any other “sport” equipment being used, to freshen up odor.