Why Aromatherapy? Because it works!

Tried, tested and true for thousands of years, aromatherapy uses highly concentrated aromatic oils distilled from plants that can assist in healing the body, boost mental performance and influence emotions.

These essential oils can be used in beauty treatments for the sheer pleasure of it, to aromatize ones home so it smells beautiful, or they can be used for therapeutic reasons to assist in a variety of ailments.Essential oils can be effective not only in healing the skin and strengthening immunity, but are also capable of relieving emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression.

We use the best essential oils to create birthing blends for expectant mothers, natural insect repellant spray, all purpose household cleaners and much, much more.

Do you have sore muscles? arthritis? bumps and bruises? We use wild crafted arnica flowers of the best quality to create a highly potent arnica oil.

Check out also our aromatic soaps, one of our clients favorites. ;-)

Work has you stressed so you’re awake all night? Monsters under the bed and your kids can’t sleep? Need to reduce inflammation? Lavender Spray can help!

Gift Cards

giftGreat Gift Idea  for friends, family and loved ones expressing your interest in their well being. Let them choose their favorite All Natural Aromatherapy product. Emailed directly to them with your personal note and greetings!


At Nature Makes Scents we create a variety of blends and products that do all that and more. Check out our Shop

“I bought an arnica oil & a bug spray they both worked well for me, I have recently visited with my Mom she was having some neck pain as I was there so I rubbed some arnica oil on her, so now she is hooked so I gave her my bottle & yes I do require another bottle. Wonderful product thank you!”
Trudy K.